Does T25 Work? :: My Week 10 Results


I am often asked, “Does T25 Work?”

I can’t speak for everyone but personally T25 has been a game changer!  Before beginning Focus T25, I was weak after recovering from surgery and gaining weight from hormone therapy.  While I’m still undergoing intensive hormone therapy, I have found a way to shake things up, lose weight, begin to tone, and increase my energy. I have luckily been able to avoid the majority of the side effects that generally occur from my therapy.  I give credit to both my clean, vegan diet and to Shaun T for kicking my butt into shape.  All I can say is this is a 25 minute workout that works!!

Here are a few of my “Before and After” photos from the first 10 weeks of Focus T25.

Before and After 5


What are the phases of T25?

There are three phases to it- Alpha, Beta & Gamma.

In the Alpha phase, you build your foundation. All the moves are centered around cardio and core strengthening. No dumbbells or bands are needed for this phase.

In the Beta phase, every workout focuses on your core in some way. Dumbbells/bands are integrated into this phase, but have no fear you don’t need to be stacked like a gym with 5-50 pound dumbbells. All you need is a good set of 5 or 8 pounds to feel a crazy burn from these moves.

In the Gamma phase, you pretty much become a Greek god. Faster & stronger is the key here.

Before and After Arms 

Before and After T25

These are photos taken after I completed the Alpha and Beta phases.  I just started Gamma phase and can’t wait to see how much further I progress after another 5 weeks with Shaun T!  Stay tuned for more “after” photos!!  


As a Beachbody Coach, I help people get on track with their health and nutrition no matter their starting point.  It is my goal to motivate and hold them accountable throughout their journey.

I would love the opportunity to be your coach and guide you from where you are now to the dream of where you want to be.

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